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When asked who she is, her response is simply, "I'm plan B. Save for the last two pages, the issue consists of advancing flashbacks from the perspective of Betty Ross, including Bruce's attempted phone call and Wolverine's meeting with Fury, jumping to three days prior when Betty unsuccessfully attempts to convince Tony Stark and Steve Rogers to save Bruce from Logan. Two days prior, Dr. Walters has succeeded in producing a version of the Hulk serum which transforms the subject without inducing Hulk-like rage, with Betty the next day attempting to convince General Fury that Dr.

Walters is seeking to sell the super-soldier serum to the Chinese. As Betty takes a S. After landing and announcing "I'm Plan B", Betty reveals her identity much to the horror of Wolverine. This causes an enraged and crying Hulk to state, "Betty break Hulk's heart The issue begins with Logan, in a dream state, encountering a Panda who claims that he is Logan's Spirit Animal.

As the pair come to blows, the Panda says the fight between Bruce and Logan is personal. He also doesn't want Logan to tell the Hulk's last words to the people who cut off his head. Logan wakes up to find he's reduced to just a head on a tray. General Fury angrily attempts to question him on what happened.

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Logan initially claims he blacked out after the Hulk tore him in half, instead of admitting he was awake for Bruce and Betty's sexual encounter. He then accidentally reveals that he was awake when S. Fury, in an act of rage, shoots Logan in the head. When Logan wakes up again, this time fully restored, he escapes with the aid of Forge. Instead of thanking Forge for the rescue, Logan demands the mutant make matching his and hers restraint collars to subdue the Hulks.

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He then lets slip that the Hulk is going to meet Logan again in Casablanca , unaware that Fury is listening in. Wolverine goes to Casablanca with the collar that Forge created for him and confronts Betty, who had just taken a shower. He tells her to put it on but she refuses, turns into She-Hulk, and the two fight.

She gouges out one of his eyes, but he stabs her in the spleen and kidney, and forces her to tell him where Bruce is. She agrees, and then turns back into Betty, and Logan leaves her. Logan goes to the airport where Bruce is, gets on the same plane, and sits next to him. Logan puts the collar on Bruce, telling him that if he turns into Hulk while the collar is on him, he will choke to death.

Bruce asks why Logan simply won't just kill him and get it over with, and Logan says that he doesn't want to kill Bruce, he wants to kill the Hulk.

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Bruce says that he won't change, and then jumps out of the airplane emergency exit in mid-flight. Logan jumps out after him screaming at him to turn into the Hulk or the fall will kill him. Bruce says that he will only change if Logan cuts off the collar, or else Logan will have to deal with the fact that he simply let "Bruce" and not the "Hulk" fall to his death. Logan, not wanting to be responsible for Bruce's death breaks the collar.

Bruce changes to Hulk, holds Logan, and lands on his feet with no harm to either of them. Nick Fury shows up and tells them that they are free to go. Shelve Ultimate Wolverine Vs.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Rate it:. Ultimate Hulk vs. It's the Ultimate war between the Hulk and Iron Man! Desperate for a cure to his dark disease, scientist Bruce Banner begs Tony Stark for a release from the curse of the Hulk!

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Stark agrees, but in th… More. Shelve Ultimate Hulk vs. Iron Man: Ultimate Human. Ultimate Power by Brian Michael Bendis. In a desperate attempt to help his friend, Reed Richards, the leader of the science adventurers known as the Fantastic Four, has accidentally punched a hole into an adjacent universe. Now something h… More. Shelve Ultimate Power. To Wolverine he is interested only in the adventure and never considers the morality.

Wolverine is the hero of the spaghetti western, a man with no true past and a drifter who is willing to do the dark deeds that need to be done. Wolverine is cold and to the point, and he expresses an indifference to distinguishing killing Bruce Banner to the Hulk. Wolverine sees the Hulk simply as a monster to slay and a thrilling challenge. The story opening depicts the events of The Ultimates 2 in which Banner is put on trial for the murder of people in New York in The Ultimates.

Despite this continuity-heavy introduction, the chapter is easy to pick-up as the narration makes it clear what is happening and why. In his supposed final moments Bruce speaks with repentance and a crushing guilt. He even painfully admits that he killed 62 children.

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Bruce acknowledges that he was responsible for these deaths even if not conscious of it. However, upon escape Bruce immediately separates his identification with the Hulk. Bruce simply cannot accept that a part of himself is the Hulk, instead viewing himself as cursed and looking to cure his rage. Bruce still loves Betty but he still cannot help but blame Betty for his problems.

He also has trouble accepting the notion that Betty does not seemingly reciprocate his feelings.


This makes Bruce have a crippling inferiority complex which fuels his explosive temper. The surprising conversion of Bruce comes from his visit in Tibet. There he means the Panchen Lama[ii] who offers a simple yet profound alternative. But the Hulk that changes into you?

Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk (2005) #6

One always views someone transforming into a werewolf, not a werewolf becoming a man. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde , Bruce Banner is able to consider that the Hulk is not only himself but a less evolved state that changes into the sophisticated Banner.

It is in line with Buddhism to see the Hulk as the most primal state of being with an unnatural attachment to the material world. In contrast Banner begins the step away from ego and seeks enlightenment, in essence, the Hulk is not a curse but the instigator of enlightenment.

By the climax Bruce has accepted the Hulk and allowed the Hulk to become Bruce as seen in his witty reply to Wolverine. Bruce Banner has achieved enlightenment and is in paradise, but is rudely returned to the material world by the arrival of Logan.