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Mar 16, ISBN A recent university graduate, she crafts consumer surveys for a market research firm, maintains an uneasy truce between her flighty roommate and their prudish landlady, and goes to parties with her solidly dependable boyfriend, Peter. But after Peter proposes marriage, things take a strange turn.

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Suddenly empathizing with the steak in a restaurant, Marian finds she is unable to eat meat. As the days go by, her feeling of solidarity extends to other categories of food, until there is almost nothing left that she can bring herself to consume. Marked by blazingly surreal humor and a colorful cast of eccentric characters, The Edible Woman is a groundbreaking work of fiction. Reading Guide. Waywardly funny. Next came her incapacity to face an egg. Vegetables were the final straw. But Marian has her reasons, and what happens next provides an unusual solution.

Witty, subversive, hilarious, The Edible Woman is dazzling and utterly original. From the Paperback edition. Lawrence dark dinner dishes door dress drink Duncan Edible Woman electric toothbrush Emmy Etobicoke eyes face feel felt floor front gazing getting girl glass going guess hair hand head inside interviewers iron kind kitchen kleenex knew lady laundromat Len's LINDA HUTCHEON living-room looked Lucy Margaret Atwood Marian thought married Millie mind mouth never office virgins open magazine opened Peter picked pink plate rice pudding scotch-tape seemed sherry glass shoulder side sitting Slank smiled snow someone sort sound stairs standing stared stood street supposed sure talk tell there's things told tomato juice took Trevor trying turned voice waiting walked watching wearing window woman wondered.

She has lived in numerous cities in Canada, the U. She is the author of more than forty books — novels, short stories, poetry, literary criticism, social history, and books for children. She has received honorary degrees from universities across Canada, and one from Oxford University in England. Margaret Atwood lives in Toronto with novelist Graeme Gibson. Sign up for LibraryThing to find out whether you'll like this book. I found this book in a drawer and decided to take it with me on a recent long vacation. It turns out that this was her first novel. It was written in and not published until The book takes place probably in Toronto city is not named and deals with all of the stereotypes of men and women that existed at that time.

I would have probably liked this book more had I read it during the time it was written but because I read it 54 years later I couldn't overcome how dated it was. I do give Atwood credit for attacking these stereotypes but it could not make up for the weakness of the story and characters. I am glad that the book was well received when it came out because it led to the development and career of one of the great authors of our time. If you have not read Margaret Atwood, then you are truly missing out on a great author.

The Edible Woman

Things aren't great, but they aren't bad. She has a boring job, an interesting roommate, and a tolerable boyfriend. But deep down she knows something is off. When she and Peter get drunkenly engaged it really starts to show. Suddenly certain foods start to taste off, then they become completely un-consumable. At first it's just meat - fine, she'll become vegetarian.

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But then it starts spreading. Soon it's certain vegetables, puddings, eggs, cake.

The Edible Woman

The list keeps growing and her waist starts shrinking. But Marian starts to feel as if she's no longer in control of her own life. She feels as if she is the one being consumed. Interesting characters, even though all are unlikable and very neat concept. Superbly written. I can't even comment much on the story beyond the fact that I found the main character vaguely annoying. What really bothered me about this book is the supposed symbolism of the food.

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  • It felt like everything was compared to food and eating, and while I understand that was a necessary element of the story, it was too much. By the time I got half way through the book, all I could think was "stop comparing everything to food, it's really, really annoying", this made it almost impossible for me to judge the story, I just found the writing too irritating.

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    Maybe one day I will try to read another Margaret Atwood book, but I will certainly never try to read this one again. Keira Mar 12, The Bantam Edition's cover features a woman standing in front of her open refrigerator. She has been staring into it so long that she has actually merged into the fridge door. The novel was written in and explores the life and inner mind of a woman smothered by her engagement to a man she's not sure loves all that much.

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    This is a classic work of literature, Atwood's first novel, and interestingly, it's been one of the last Atwoods that I've read. I've been doling them out over the years so that they last longer. The descriptions of the book harp on consumerism, and perhaps Atwood intended to write a novel about consumerism, and instead wrote a classic piece of feminist literature. The main character is not getting any fulfillment out of buying things, but she's also unhappy with the lack of emotional intimacy in her relationship, her boring job, and the tension between her nutty roommate and overbearing landlady.