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There might not be any such thing as a free lunch, but there most certainly is a free office suite thanks to this excellent effort. In terms of functionality, version 2.

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OpenOffice version 2. Verdict: "The best all-round office suite is also the cheapest. With excellent Microsoft compatibility, a consistent interface and a good network of ad-hoc support, this is the king of the business tools. Rating: "We should point out here that PC Pro isn't throwing its weight behind OpenOffice purely by dint of the fact that it's free. We firmly stand by our assertion that it offers a more compelling proposition than Microsoft Office; its cross-platform support and the speed at which it's being developed leads us to believe that, together with StarOffice, it could - nay should - become the dominant force in office suites within the next three to five years.

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I'll give you one guess why this can be done? No other project is making inroads with other operating systems outside of Linux like the big OO. There are versions for most Operating Systems. The HTML editor is also handy and the drawing package pretty decent too. You shouldn't need much more than this for all your office needs!

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In many cases, there was more than one contender that was worthy of an award in any given category. However, we attempted to select the easiest to use, most robust, most promising, and - when possible - most free as in freedom products for the Open Choice Awards Fortunately, OpenOffice. In the most recent releases, OpenOffice features improved Microsoft Office file format compatibility, the ability to export to useful internet formats such as Macromedia Flash for Impress presentations and Draw drawings, and dramatically faster startup.

Over 7, readers visited the Linux Journal web site and voted on their top choices in 28 categories. Voting in the Readers' Choice Awards took place between June 30 and July 25, , and was open to everyone.

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  7. More information about the awards is also available in the November issue of Linux Journal, The JDJ polls were open for just under a year, from November 6, , through September 23, , and at least 30, Java Developer's Journal readers cast their votes. The total of award nominations also reached a new record high, with more than companies nominating over products in 29 different award categories—seven more categories than last year. Each year, Monitor , the nation's leading IT magazine, selects among the exhibitors a product, which has been available on the market for no more than one year and which has created the most prominent and important appearance on the market.

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