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PDF Online. What Would Buddha Do? Coles ; Preface by James H. World War 3. I used Caron Simply Soft in Autumn Red for this and combined a skein each of the red and the white to make the third color of stripe. This blanket is definitely warm and a bit heavy when finished.

And that was just the baby size I made. So be aware if you want to make this a giant throw. You might want to use lighter weight yarn to combine. Oh wait, THIS one is my favorite!

Welcome to Daisy Farm Crafts!

Ha ha, who am I kidding? They all are my favorite! But this one tops the list for sure. So I did not have to combine skeins for this one. It was already done for me. This blanket is lightweight, perfect for a baby and the crumpled stitch gave it just the right texture.

Here is one where I used Caron Simply Soft yarn in three separate colors, no combining and it turned out amazing! It has a very simple shell border and really turns out fabulous.

This would have to be my most advanced gingham-plaid type blanket. I experimented with six colors and combined in different ways to get the most shades. I also used a Linked stitch, so the yarn is not being carried through on this blanket. Each square is worked in its entirety before changing colors and working the next one. I would rate this as an intermediate level blanket. But the results are spectacular. Each post has even more tips to help you understand how a gingham blanket is made.

The number one question I receive is how am I carrying the yarn, or changing colors. Please look at this crochet gingham blanket FAQ post and hopefully it will answer any more questions you may have. It will take you straight there. Thank you for becoming a Pinterest follower too! Everything from my blog is posted to Pinterest so you can see other designs if you are interested.