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Homeless Crisis in America: Is This the Perfect Solution

Except, wait, that line came after Delaney called for raising the minimum wage, establishing paid family leave and doubling the earned income tax credit. And Rep.

Fixing America's Health Care System.

Well, noted education reformer Sen. And when you want an economy that works, you need to have retirement that works. Aside from some jockeying over how to address student loan debt and abstract promises to expand access to affordable early education programs, education remained an afterthought.

We must provide high-quality public education, sure, but also high-quality housing, health care, child care, and all the other prerequisites of a secure middle-class life. But, again, that sure sounds a lot like, well, every single candidate running for the Democratic Party nomination.

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It sounds a lot like the last Democratic presidential administration. And none of those things are incompatible with reform policies to make U. Mostly that it's important to keep this take in perspective. K edreform and redistribution aren't mutually exclusive.

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Indeed, the broad world of progressive education reform usually presents K reform in context to broader efforts to combat inequality and injustice. The multimedia artist and writer says that investing in the arts can help Americans unleash their imagination during tough economic times.

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Small businesses are often touted as the backbone of the American economy, but New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn says they often see government as an obstruction. Jezebel founding editor Anna Holmes suggests mandatory communications courses for members of Congress to encourage understanding and civil debate between parties.


Technology writer and entrepreneur Anil Dash proposes that policymakers use social media to find out what their constituents want. That way, he says, they would be forced to deal with their constituents after each controversial vote. Skip to content. Fixing America.

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