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Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Violence - Anthem Strong Families

Rivers said his own father was similar. Rivers said even after he and his siblings got away from his father, he still carried a lot of anger inside. He entered a gang and got dangerously close to the point of no return, he said. But the angels around him, as he calls them, helped pull him back from the brink.

Breaking the cycle of abuse

The angels in his life were teachers, neighbors, family friends. They saw him as a young boy in need and gathered around to help pull him from the dark place he was heading.

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For anyone who has suffered from child abuse or domestic violence, you know how important the people around you are to your healing. My mom and step-dad were the angels in my life. Even when I carried so much hurt and anger inside, they helped get me into therapy, they helped me realize nothing that happened to me was my fault. This is why Rivers has devoted so much of his time to telling his story and reaching out to people who have experienced domestic violence. Domestic violence is a quiet crime, only if we continue to remain quiet about it.

According to an article on Arstechnica , a study conducted from to showed that adults who experienced child abuse or neglect were twice as likely to be reported to Child Protective Services for child maltreatment. This is not a cycle we have to continue.

A Single Parent Trying to Break the Cycle of Abuse

We are not statistics and this is not our truth. Rivers said that before his son was born, he was experiencing anxiety attacks. But the first time he held his son, he said he knew his cycle was broken. I cannot say how the woman felt when the police left with his reassurances ringing in their ears, but I hated it. The relief that he had been stopped was immediately replaced with the fear from which their presence had given me temporary respite.

Nobody seemed to be too bothered about what went on behind my father's closed door and we thought it was just a normal part of life. I had no idea that what I had been witnessing was domestic violence or that such behaviour was a blight on thousands, maybe millions, of other households around the country. This means, according to Diana Barran, chief executive of the charity Co-ordinated Action Against Domestic Abuse Caada , that services will be better able to plan their activity, focusing their time and energy on support that makes the biggest difference to victim safety, rather than having to make ongoing funding applications.

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Caada supports a strong multi-agency approach to tackling the most severe domestic abuse — "the best way to help save lives and money," says Barran. The government has also introduced the "go order" scheme , which will allow senior police officers to take the decision to banish an alleged abusive partner from the home for an initial period of 48 hours.

Initially piloted in three areas, a magistrates' court can, on application, extend the "go order" to 28 days. Breaches could lead to contempt of court charges.

The Cruelty Connection: Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Violence by Preventing Animal Abuse

And, remember, we have women being killed in abusive relationships every week. Go may plug the gap when a prosecution is not possible," says Helen Creanor, a solicitor with family law firm Adams Moore.

On average, two women a week are killed by a male partner — around a third of all female murder victims. Saturday, May 4, p. What does it cost? Read more Read less. Map and Directions View Map. View Details. Follow this organizer to stay informed on future events. Anthem Strong Families Event creator. Events you might like:. FamilyEducation Class.

What are the three stages of the cycle of violence?

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